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Shark Zone – Adventures in stock footage

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By TylerDFC Danny Wagner: “I hate sharks, they suck.” Jimmy Wagner: “Yes, they do.” I like to take notes when I am watching movies so that when I sit down to write about them I won’t be forced to make stuff up off the top of my head. While watching Shark Zone I began to […]

Jani Lane of Warrant hates Internet, prefers telegraph, smoke signals

June 23, 2009 by  
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There are very few times when our request for our “13 Stupid Questions” interview is refused from a band’s management/publicist.  Sure, we get the occasional decline, but most artists are thrilled to participate in a series of questions that don’t bore them to death like most interviews. However, one rock star has proven to be quite elusive. Is it Kid Rock? […]

Shark Attack 3: Megalodon – AKA BEST SHARK MOVIE EVER!!!*

May 26, 2009 by  
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“You know sharks, they are always biting things.” – Ben Every now and then a movie comes along that is so bad, it becomes good. This happens pretty rarely. Usually when someone says a movie is “bad”, they really mean “average’. Unfortunately, a true cinematic travesty is as hard to find as a good Adam […]

13 Stupid Questions with ANTHRAX

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        For those about to FARK, we salute you!  If you came here from FARK.COM, and like this interview, check out more “13 Stupid Questions” HERE or on our homepage.    Since 1981, Anthrax has had more lead singers than Van Halen, been pressured to change their name, and had the worst […]

Obama states if he wanted a real challenge, he’d beat Contra without the code

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In one of Obama’s nightly press conferences, when asked about solving the state of America’s economy, he made reference to an 80’s Nintendo video game.  “My fellow Americans.  While our current economic state presents a challenge, it is nothing compared to the struggle I went through on May 17th, 1989. “ When asked to elaborate, Obama […]

Child receives Photon instead of Lazer Tag in 1986, still feels socially isolated

April 12, 2009 by  
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RUFKM would like to proudly introduce our newest contributer, the Acorn King.  Although he once wrote for Carrot Top, we have allowed him to join our club.  He is now listed under the author tab above and has a section called Acorn King’s Chaos.   Here is a tale about a Christmas gift that has […]

Witchboard: A fine excuse to see Tawney Kitaen naked

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I don’t like to do this but I think I need to lead this one off with a disclaimer: This is going to be one for the guys. It will be a deep and penetrating exploration of the adolescent psyche. Specifically MY adolescent psyche. Specifically my adolescent psyche’s obsession with boobs. Which is really not […]

RUFKM : Quenching the Planet’s Thirst for Knowledge since 2008!

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Since the beginning of time, man has been an inquisitive beast on an endless quest for knowledge. This pursuit led to scientific and artistic achievements like the invention of the wheel, the Polio vaccine, landing on the moon, Garbage Pail Kids trading cards, the ShamWow! and, of course, the Freedom Rock commercial.    RUFKM is proud […]

RUFKM 10-Question Celebrity Interview – Professor Cannon

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In the beginning, there were no rock stars to ask 13 stupid questions…. but there was a world renown organic chemist from Purdue: Loose Cannon’s Dad.

RUFKM Worldwide Inc. Refuses Award, Creates It’s Own

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(The following is a Boondoggle/Cannon/TylerDFC production. In other words, it took three monkeys to write this post. Also, click on the “listen now” button for maximum comedic effect. Enjoy!) Ahh …. memories. It seems like just yesterday the writers of RUFKM were merely writing stories about assorted tomfoolery for our own delight and, under some […]

HFH3: Boondoggle Bites Back

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As many of you already know, due to a recent exquisite series of posts Heteros for Homos: Part 1, and Part 2, and questioning the mental capacity of the Westboro Baptist Church, we have been threatened with legal action by said group of rabid chimpanzees. In a remarkable sign of humility coupled with a bad […]

Heteros for Homos- RUFKM Vs. The Westboro Baptist Church

September 10, 2008 by  
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RUFKM needs a cause.Fortunately for our RUFKM ARMY cadets, while Cannon harasses our fans on Facebook, TylerDFC performs obscure historical research on the Gulf of Tonkin incident for his next post, and The Dark Lord is doing, well, we’re not quite sure, your esteemed Captain is out doing the important stuff for you. All important […]

Attack of the Snow MILF! Battle of the Bands! AKA Decision 2008

September 6, 2008 by  
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See more Gina Gershon videos at Funny or Die I have been toying with several ways to write this. I’ve gone so far as to write a page and a half dedicated to the precarious position that we find ourselves in and sprinkled it with witty bon mots and impotent rage aimed at a system […]

Use Your Delusion

August 1, 2008 by  
Filed under Boondoggle's Chestnuts, Music Widgets When the RUFKM offices received an unmarked FedEx envelope with a return address simply marked at “Malibu, CA” we were quite alarmed at first. Could it be another hate letter from the bike racers? Perhaps the Dark Lord had sent us a sample of his own excrement, again. Or perhaps was it something […]