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Local Man’s Commute Delayed by Taz, Tweety Bird

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This is a new article by one of our new writers, Larry Glidewell. He probably will change his name soon but has decided to use his porn name for now.  He is an extremely angry, unbalanced, vengeful bastard.  We should know, we can smell our own.  Enjoy his first rant.    To begin, I should […]

Steve Jobs Gets Brain Cancer, iTunes Employees Lose Sense of Humor

As a world-renowned celebrity, Captain Boondoggle receives a multitude of fan mail from the much less fortunate wanting to know more about the Great Boondoggle.   For many, this hero worship is so great that they want to completely comprehend and fully grasp the power and magnificence of what it is to be Boondoggle.      […]

Band “Pop Evil” saves Michigan, become local heroes

While sitting in darkness at my computer pondering the dismal fate of the once great state of Michigan, a soundtrack is blasting from my speakers.  It  makes me wonder if despite the recent difficulties Michigan is facing resulting in mass emigration from the state that perhaps, just perhaps, there is still hope.  That soundtrack? Pop Evil’s superb Lipstick […]

Multiple uses discovered for phrase “And Then I F—ed Her!”

Do you know someone who asks you questions and then never listens to the answer? How about when you’re in the middle of a speech and you can tell your audience is beginning to drift off? Have you tried to be funny and failed miserably? Perhaps just like this website? Well, RUFKM has a solution for all these problems.  It’s called: OPERATION […]

Album Review: Tesla – “Forever More”

  In these times of uncertainty, there is nothing more comforting than something being exactly the way you expect and hope it to be. This sentiment can best describe Tesla’s Forever More, their first studio album since 2004’s critically acclaimed “Into the Now”.        I have been one of the few die-hard Tesla fans since their […]

Barack Hussein Obama Elected 44th U.S. President. Really?

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Barack is our new president.   Whether you voted for him or not, there is only one socially acceptable response after hearing this fact: All together now……… Are You F—ing Kidding Me? Well, it looks like America really likes Greek columns, infomercials (The Sham-Wow is incredible), celebrity endorsements, and hated George Bush (we all did). […]

Chinese Democracy – Album Review

Stumble It! Widgets   How does one begin a review of Chinese Democracy? An album that is arguably one of the most highly anticipated releases in the history of rock-n-roll. A rumored holy grail and purported savior of the rock genre that even neophytes to music, the deaf and grandmothers know is the […]

An Ode to Our Fallen Knights of Lactase

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Ah…The milkman. A man that delivered milk to your house… as a job…that he got paid for. What kind of world was it to live in that didn’t include a fully stocked supermarket loaded with every manner of dairy product known to civilized man? My lord, can you imagine? The horror of going without my daily carafe of milk, or pint of sour cream.

Pure, Inc. “Parasites & Worms”

Let’s face it. American rock-n-roll and its most excellent sub-genre of metal is dead. Finished. Kaput. Finito. Over. What killed it is up to much debate. Some claim it was the grunge scene, others Limp Bizkit while even more claim that it was the fraud perpetuated by the evil empire of American Idol. From these […]