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Sharp Teeth – The war on terror comes home.

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Sharp Teeth Cinema Craptastique review by TylerDFC I very seriously considered turning Sharp Teeth off several times. While Cinema Craptastique is dedicated to judging crap films, Sharp Teeth is SO terrible that it barely qualifies as a movie at all and functions more as a torture device. The plot has something to do with a […]

Next on Osbournes Reloaded! Ozzy Osbourne, 60, dies of shame

Oh my, how far the strung out, paunchy and not all that mighty in the first place have fallen. I sat down last night to watch the new variety show/harbinger of the end times “Osbournes Reloaded” on FOX (naturally). I was prepared to write a hard hitting review, full of journalistic integrity and terms like […]

A Christmas Story: Year of the Ferret (Part 3)

(Editors Note: Read Year of the Ferret Part 1 and 2 or you will be confused, angry, and sad. More than usual.) Whenever you are withdrawing money from an ATM or making a purchase at three in the morning, it is never for anything good.* The cash usually goes directly towards: Drugs/Alcohol Strippers/Whores Bail/Bribe Money […]

A Christmas Story: Year of the Ferret (part 2)

It is said that love conquers all …. but that’s complete bullshit. Fear not only conquers love but then hits it with a tire iron, drags it a dark alley, performs sodomy in the 1st degree, douses it with gasoline, lights a match, and walks away. Always bet on fear. And this was the overwhelming […]

Craig’s List Chronicles: Bring me the head of Craig Newmark

Before I moved last year, I have to admit that I was completely oblivious of the world famous Craig’s List. I had sold my prized possessions through EBay several times but never stumbled across this marvelous economic environment.