Sunday, December 21, 2014

The exciting finale of “Bad things don’t come in threes, they come in twelves”

(Part 2 of 2.  To read part 1, click HERE.) The next Monday I got a call from Saab saying my baby was ready. Awesome news! I had to pay only the $500 deductible. So off to the bank I went to get my money. I had to go during working hours due to the […]

Bad Things Don’t Come in Threes, They Come In Twelves

So, a couple Fridays ago, I’m driving to work from my ex boyfriend’s house (we have amazing sex and I can’t stop doing it even though it effects my heart in a major way), and a semi’s tire de-treads in front of the car that’s in front of mine. Said car quickly and instinctively swerves […]

Child receives Photon instead of Lazer Tag in 1986, still feels socially isolated

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RUFKM would like to proudly introduce our newest contributer, the Acorn King.  Although he once wrote for Carrot Top, we have allowed him to join our club.  He is now listed under the author tab above and has a section called Acorn King’s Chaos.   Here is a tale about a Christmas gift that has […]

Palin Vs. Biden Vs. Billy Madison Vs. Ms. South Carolina *UPDATED*

It’s Vice President Debate time! Oh my gosh! Oh my golly! It seems like only yesterday that I hunkered down with the family with a nice bowl of gruel and we all cozied up next to the Zenith to witness our nation’s future. I’m sorry. I’m suffering from the writing prose of TylerDFC. Moving on. […]

Pure, Inc. “Parasites & Worms”

Let’s face it. American rock-n-roll and its most excellent sub-genre of metal is dead. Finished. Kaput. Finito. Over. What killed it is up to much debate. Some claim it was the grunge scene, others Limp Bizkit while even more claim that it was the fraud perpetuated by the evil empire of American Idol. From these […]