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13 Stupid Questions with I Love Rich

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We ask I Love Rich 13 Stupid questions. We have no idea why.

The Legend of Obama Burgundy: His teleprompter works 60% of the time, all the time

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It is a well documented fact that President  Obama takes his teleprompter EVERYWHERE.  He doesn’t just use it for speeches, but takes it to interviews, meetings, etc.  According to sources the times he has NOT brought his teleprompter with him, his speeches have been awful and he even enunciates the wrong words and says the […]

13 Stupid Questions with Atarilogic

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Yo. While most (read: all) of our “13 Stupid Questions” interviews have been geared towards hard rock, our staff has a diverse taste in music — especially artists with a great sense of humor.                                         So, […]

Eminem and Sacha Baron Cohen promote “Are You F—ing Kidding Me?”

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RUFKM has tried many promotional methods in the past but nothing has been as innovative and effective as what happened on MTV last night. RUFKM met with Eminem and Borat/Bruno a few weeks ago to discuss our plan.  We wanted Sacha to dress up as an extremely gay angel,  fall onto Mr. Mathers, and have his […]

Next on Osbournes Reloaded! Ozzy Osbourne, 60, dies of shame

April 1, 2009 by  
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Oh my, how far the strung out, paunchy and not all that mighty in the first place have fallen. I sat down last night to watch the new variety show/harbinger of the end times “Osbournes Reloaded” on FOX (naturally). I was prepared to write a hard hitting review, full of journalistic integrity and terms like […]

GNR releases slew of new albums, most involve banjos, harps

March 22, 2009 by  
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Inspired by Cannon’s recent posts on long-forgotten musical gems in the world of rock, I decided to go on my own fishing expedition to find a long ago cast aside album that I too could possibly rediscover and add to my superb collection of hair metal silliness.     With the risk of RUFKM becoming a […]

Dark Horse Album Review: 11 New Nickelback Classics!

January 15, 2009 by  
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Let it be known that Chad Kroeger is a horny Canadian motherfucker. I know this because I can smell my own (minus the Canadian part) and I also conducted painstaking research that led me to this conclusion.  My first clue that the lascivious lead singer of Nickelback highly enjoys vagina and throat love can be summed […]

Metallica and McDonalds! Together at last!

December 3, 2008 by  
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This has to be the greatest video ever. Metallica has just partnered with McDonalds, a psychotic stuffed bear with 17 foot arms, about 1,000 of their dancing friends, and a birthday that has simply gone wrong! They sent this new video for the last track of Death Magnetic called My Apocalypse to the RUFKM headquarters […]

Appetite For Deconstruction -Chinese Democracy Review #1

November 24, 2008 by  
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Why are we are doing an album review on RUFKM? Because the title of the GNR‘s new album should be: “AXL’S SHENANIGANS.” Widgets Let’s get one thing straight before I begin this review. I do not want this to be a Guns N’ Roses history lesson — but we need to put a few […]

Mccain, Obama, and the Ghost of Tim Russert walk into a bar…..

November 5, 2008 by  
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Hello! The ghost of Tim Russert here. In life I was a big, talking head and in death I’m literally just that. I’m a huge, floating cranium with a microphone. Oh, sweet irony. So, I’m in purgatory and one of my punishments is to be a moderator one last time. This time for RUFKM-TV. I […]

Metallica Releases Defective Death Magnetic: Are You F—ing Kidding Me???

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The following article is cut and pasted from and defines the phrase “Are You F—ing Kidding Me?.” To summarize, one of the world’s biggest selling bands has released a defective CD of epic proportions. If you have purchased this album, please sign this petition. It says that 2700 people have already done so […]