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13 Stupid Questions with I Love Rich

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We ask I Love Rich 13 Stupid questions. We have no idea why.

13 Stupid Questions with Atarilogic

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Yo. While most (read: all) of our “13 Stupid Questions” interviews have been geared towards hard rock, our staff has a diverse taste in music — especially artists with a great sense of humor.                                         So, […]

Multiple uses discovered for phrase “And Then I F—ed Her!”

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Do you know someone who asks you questions and then never listens to the answer? How about when you’re in the middle of a speech and you can tell your audience is beginning to drift off? Have you tried to be funny and failed miserably? Perhaps just like this website? Well, RUFKM has a solution for all these problems.  It’s called: OPERATION […]

Hot Garbage

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When you glance at the picture to your right, the first thing that instinctively pops in you mind is that this man needs FREEDOM! This is true but what this man really needs is a shower. Let me explain: In modern times, we all have a morning ritual that involves a multitude of products for […]

Women are from Venus: The History of Dick Glitter

January 12, 2009 by  
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There are many unsolved mysteries in life and things that occur in nature that simply cannot be explained.      1. Global Warming 2. The Bermuda Triangle 3. Dancing with the Stars The greatest scientists, sociologists, and jackassorists, could break down the above for the rest of eternity but they would never be able to produce a […]

True Bromance

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For our 3 month anniversary, we are posting Boondoggle’s first story which I inspired by wearing his shirt, caused him to say “Are You F—ing Kidding Me?”, and therefore released his ramblings to the universe. Enjoy this RUFKM classic. – LC THIS EPIC STORY IS FROM A NEW CONTRIBUTOR. HIS NAME? CAPTAIN BOONDOGGLE. I don’t […]