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Sharp Teeth – The war on terror comes home.

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Sharp Teeth Cinema Craptastique review by TylerDFC I very seriously considered turning Sharp Teeth off several times. While Cinema Craptastique is dedicated to judging crap films, Sharp Teeth is SO terrible that it barely qualifies as a movie at all and functions more as a torture device. The plot has something to do with a […]

13 Stupid Questions with Atarilogic

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Yo. While most (read: all) of our “13 Stupid Questions” interviews have been geared towards hard rock, our staff has a diverse taste in music — especially artists with a great sense of humor.                                         So, […]

Next on Osbournes Reloaded! Ozzy Osbourne, 60, dies of shame

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Oh my, how far the strung out, paunchy and not all that mighty in the first place have fallen. I sat down last night to watch the new variety show/harbinger of the end times “Osbournes Reloaded” on FOX (naturally). I was prepared to write a hard hitting review, full of journalistic integrity and terms like […]

Autograph of the Gods

Being the great Captain Boondoggle is exhausting.   But of course with such greatness, comes even greater responsibility. Responsibilities that include answering the emails, letters and other assorted requests of my ever-growing fanbase of Boondogglites. To stay ahead of the curve and to determine what next burden my celebrity status will bring me, I’ve been […]