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13 Stupid Questions with ANTHRAX

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        For those about to FARK, we salute you!  If you came here from FARK.COM, and like this interview, check out more “13 Stupid Questions” HERE or on our homepage.    Since 1981, Anthrax has had more lead singers than Van Halen, been pressured to change their name, and had the worst […]

Fey. Ferrell. SNL

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No mother humping moose, but plenty of all star Bush. Happy Friday. Bush Endorses McCain/Palin

Fair and Balanced Politics: RUFKM Style

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I have to admit, this has been the most entertaining election EVER. This is an easy statement for me to make as I usually have little to no interest in politics. However, during this round of foolishness I have watched every single debate, SNL skit, and actually conducted research on the actual FACTS regarding each […]

There’s no “I” in team!

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Have you ever met a real life Michael Scott from the Office? Well I have. He’s a manager in my region, speaks only in cliche and chest bumped me yesterday. Here’s his paraphrased conversation.

Attack of the Snow MILF! Battle of the Bands! AKA Decision 2008

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See more Gina Gershon videos at Funny or Die I have been toying with several ways to write this. I’ve gone so far as to write a page and a half dedicated to the precarious position that we find ourselves in and sprinkled it with witty bon mots and impotent rage aimed at a system […]

We Know Everything About You Glorious Bastards!

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The reviews are in and the RUFKM Army is growing by the millions everyday! According to Feedburner ( – a spectacular service that provides a wealth of subscription data – our fanbase is building all over the planet from L.A. to London and towns we’ve never heard of like Moose Paw, Canada! (Near Moose Knuckle?) […]