Thursday, December 18, 2014

Nancy Grace Killed Caylee Anthony

nancy-graceFact 1: In the United States, four children die every day as a result of child abuse.

Fact 2: Caylee Anthony went missing June 2008.

Fact 3: Nancy Grace hasn’t talked about one thing, other than Caylee Anthony since June 2008.

Fact 4: Nancy Grace makes scary facial expressions and her eyebrows are amiss.

Fact 5: Nancy Grace has single-handedly master-minded the media frenzy that is The Anthony Family.

Fact 6: The previous three facts are not indeed facts; however, the fourth and fifth facts have propensity toward truth.

As a responsible and educated citizen of the United States of America, one must wonder, why has Nancy Grace decided to completely ignore every other tragic event that has occurred in the past seven months? Why has she fixated on bringing down the, albeit deranged, but possibly innocent*, mother of Caylee Anthony, Casey Anthony? Why has Nancy Grace spared no expense to so vehemently and adamantly point the finger away from herself in the above-referenced matter? Coincidence? I think not.

nancy-grace1Allow me to answer the above questions. It’s so obvious people, Nancy Grace has the perfect medium to cover up her brazen acts. She MUST be the killer. There’s simply no other rationale behind her zest in this case. Her fixation is manipulative and contrived; she’s covering her tracks. Was she in Orange County the day of Caylee’s disappearance? Doubtful. Does she have motive? Doubtful. Can she prove she has nothing to do with any direct involvement in this murder? Probable. But, let’s not lose sight of the only question that matters; is she capable of murder? Uh, yeah. Of course she is. The woman’s a bona fide nutcase. Have you watched her show? Have you read her book? Enough said.

And, while we’re at it, she may have kidnapped Elizabeth Smart… I’m just sayin’. Oh, and she could be behind the disappearance of Natalie Holloway. And let’s not leave out the fact that remains, she undoubtedly possibly has something to do with Senator Larry Craig’s stall incident. I mean facts are facts. She’s out of control and out of her mind and she has a makeup situation unlike any I’ve ever seen. Less blush, Nancy. And ease up on the hairspray.

Less is more in some cases, my mom taught me that.

nancydevil* I mentioned above that Casey Anthony is possibly innocent, that was for dramatic effect and should not be read as truthful, her guilt is probable and as such, she should be interviewed on The Nancy Grace Show every day for the rest of her life as punishment, as that would be a far worse fate than death and she would indisputably end up killing herself, like the vast majority of Nancy’s other guests.

Disclaimer: Nancy Grace was not harmed in the making of this blog. She is literally made of stone.

No, seriously, literally. Stone.

(CNN Headline News, The Nancy Grace Show)


17 Responses to “Nancy Grace Killed Caylee Anthony”
  1. Grandybug RN says:

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!! Every night…”BREAKING NEWS”…”BLOCKBUSTER INFORMATION JUST RECEIVED AS WE WENT TO AIR!!!” I gotta laugh, my husband and I say the same as you, has nothing else of interest happened in the world since June 2008? Or even since last night? If nothing of interest has happened since yesterday she just repeats yesterdays new with the tagline BREAKING NEWS, JUST IN……Yes the little girls story is heartbreaking and just imagine what her short life was like living with that lunatic whore, TOT MOM. She makes Nutty Bar ” Grandma Cindy” look like Shirley Partridge in comparison and lets face it cuckold “Grandpa George” Anthony, you just gotta feel sorry for him living in that insane asylum they call home. I’ve got to say I wondered a few times myself if TOT MOMS BROTHER– Lee Anthony– was the BABY DADDY! Glad to hear my sick mind was off base on that one, imagine the BREAKING NEWS in the TOT MOM CASE if DNA would have proved otherwise!!!! Nancy Grace would have had a field day with that one. Imagine the coverage… She would have used her “something smells like dirty ass” look and her “you could drive a Winnebago under those things” eyebrows more than once during that episode. Didn’t her momma ever tell her to “stop that or your face is going to freeze like that” when she was just a little bithcy kid? If Nancy Grace truly wanted to help the people she reports on she would give some air time to all of the other sad stories in the world, lets face it , there are a lot of them happening every day.
    Now she is trying ingratiate herself into the Haylee Cummings story by siding with the father in her vendetta against the mother. Let’s face it, the judges in the custody hearing did’nt have a lot to work with there, both parents are typical hillbillies…him with his NASCAR shades, price tag on the truckers cap, 14 kt gold plated hoop earings, rap sheet a mile long (which Nancy Grace haughtily points out is” no big deal because he was never convicted on and of the drug or other charges”)shouting “I can’t believe you let my kid get stole bitch” to his 17 year old girlfriend/free babysitter..oops, sorry …wife… and the baby momma who has a history of making false charges and reports to the police regarding other people and didn’t see any signs of abuse until the cameras started rolling and some publicity whore lawyer stepped up and said “I’m here to help you, pro bono !!(then had to explain that pro bono means “like welfare, you don’t have to do a thing and someone else pays for it”) The custody judges had to choose the lesser of two evils, he had a job and a car, she didn’t, so he got the kids One last bitch about Nancy Grace.. STOP MAKING YOUR MONEY REPORTING THE HEARTBREAKING STORIES OF MISSING OR MURDERED CHILDREN WHILE INTERJECTING PICTURES OF YOUR FUGLY TWINS IN BETWEEN SHOTS OF THESE POOR BABIES!!!!!! WHAT KIND OF SICK TWISTED HEARTLESS BITCH WOULD SHOW OFF HER HEALTHY ALBIET UGLY KIDS WHILE ASKING THE FAMILY OF THESE MISSING CHILDREN TO TELL THEIR STORY SO YOU CAN DISECT THEIR LIVES AND DISTRIBUTE THE PIECES OF INFORMATION THAT WILL GET YOU THE HIGHER RATINGS AT YOUR DISCRETION!!!!!!!RUFKM? IMO Grandybug RN

  2. Linda Lee says:

    TO: Grandybug RN DITTO DITTO DITTO I agree with u 100%

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  3. Tina says:

    I, personally am glad that she has been covering this case. I realize that we are of a throw away society, but people need to know that you can not simply throw your child away. You can not shoot them, or drive them into a lake while they are helplessly but securly strapped in their car seats, as the last fleeting thoughts are quite possibly of their mother, The very person that chose this horrific ending to their little lives. It is not nancy grace that caused those people to commit suicide. It was the fact that they could not live with their quilt. But, some of these very people do not seem to realize that death is one thing we can never take back. If people can’t, won’t or just don’t want to deal with their kids than they shouldn’t have had them in the first place & they shouldn’t just “Do away” with them either. I wish Cassy Anthony would have commited suicide, It sure would have saved the tax payers a lot of money. nancy Grace is awesome!! She stands for up something & doesn’t budge. She is a Missing child Advocate & someone to be admirred. She looks out for the underdog. She is a voice for those tiny babies that can no longer speak because someone chose to throw them away. I hope she keeps it up & she has had other discussions other than Caylee since June of last year, Not many, but she has. Maybe, you are just jealous or fall below her shows intelectial value. Come on, You can’t be all that smart, if you are consumed with her show & yet you don’t even enjoy it. Did you ever hear of “Turning the channel” ? Duh!

  4. MaMaMia55 says:


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  5. MG says:

    Ha ha! I love it! This post is magnificent in it’s accuracy! I was just telling Lockwood, (who was prescient, and thoughtful for all of us NGH’s Nancy Grace Haters to link) that I don’t see what the purpose of this show is. She drones on and on about the same cases. And then there was the Anthony case. She should have just changed her show’s name to the “Casey Anthony is guilty as ….err….I think Show” Thanks for thinking my thoughts!!

  6. MaMaMia55 says:

    Tina……. I 2nd that emotion !!!!!!

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  7. Grandybug RN says:

    MG and Linda Lee, I’m glad someone gets my humor!!!! Tina…For someone who can’t spell, ” DUH right back at ya” is all the time I’ll waste with you, consider the channel changed!!! MaMaMia55…Quilty is what time fighters like you are, GUILTY is what Casey Anthony is, (see note to Tina regarding spelling, rock throwing and glass houses)!!! Loosecannon, I was trying to bring it but only a small few got it…this site is RUFKM right? You do get what that stands for don’t you? OK, wasn’t sure but I think you might!!! I guess my references to NG’s BREAKING NEWS, TOT MOM, BLOCKBUSTER INFORMATION, her facial expressions etc were lost on a few who stopped here thinking they might find Nancy Grace here looking for the BABY DADDY!!!! loosecannon, you may be right, I do have a hard time editing my thoughts…I should have went stright to NG’s site to let off the steam about siding with the hillbilly and showing off her FUGLY twins when making her money off of dead children and their devastated families!! I’ll take care of that soon, in the mean time SMILE EVERYONE…. as long as we are all able to spend time here writing little barbs at people we don’t know or care about, our lives must not be too bad!!!LOVE AND PEACE TO ALL GrandybugRN

  8. Grandybug RN says:

    OOPS, I just heard that rock I threw hit MY house too!!!!!!YIKES:) GB

  9. MaMaMia55 says:

    Grandybug RN………… Excuse me….. Explain that comment towards me…….!!!!! The ” Quilty ” comment,,, Cause you are talking from your BUTT !!!!!!……..

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  10. Grandybug RN says:

    MM55 YOUR BUTT WROTE “CASEY IS QUILTY” not GUILTY . I figured you are either 55yo or born in 55 that’s OLD and that’s why I called you a TIME FIGHTER…….not aging well… so get over yourself B!!!!!!!!

  11. MC nurse says:

    grandybug RN
    What it this country coming to? You really can’t be a real RN or human being. For someone who hates NG you seem to know all about what she has on her show. Did you know that she went to congress with a young lady to get laws changed re: child abuse laws? I really do hope that you or any member of your family never need the help of someone like NG. I feel very sorry for you that you display so much hate for someone without ever walking a mile in there shoes. I am also sorry to see where your humor is, you really are not funny.After re-reading your above notes it does appear you are in need of some real help,and I do hope you get some.I have taken care of some sick people and your sick and hateful words are a close second.I do feel sorry for you.

  12. Charlie says:

    I’m a former RN and I totally agree with grandybug. Nancy Grace is a first rate psycho and an absoloute abomination to due process. Her two kids look like a couple of walled eyed mutations, and i agree that she is beyond tasteless when she brandishes them shamelessly in the midst of other families pain and loss. If there is a God, he should allow Nancy to contract toxic shock syndrome from a divinely tainted tampon.

  13. Caroline says:

    “BOMBSHELL TONIGHT!!!” (I can’t stand that part).
    Have you ever noticed that she pronounces Caylee’s name as Kill-ee?

  14. Dan says:

    If Nancy Grace is so great, how come she never publicly apologized or admitted wrongdoing for using her show to convict in the public eye the Duke Lacrosse players accused of rape?

  15. Christina says:

    LMFAO….Nancy DISGRACE. Her real name. No, seriously, look at her birth certificate. ;-)